How to Get Started

How to get started in just 3 simple steps.

step 1
Order your Q-Tag

Order your Q-Tag in your local store or in our webshop.

Order Q-Tag
step 2
Create your Q-Tag account

Create your Q-Tag account and create your pet profile(s).

Create Account
step 3
Activate your Q-Tag

Update your pet profile and active the Q-Tag you purchased.

Activate Q-Tag

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Q-Tag?

Our proprietary pet ID tag is called the Q-Tag. It is an anodized aluminum, laser engraved pet tag that contains a unique QR code. When scanned with any smartphone, the QR code will link the pet to an pet profile.

How does the dashboard work?

You are brought to the dashboard after signing up or logging in. Here you can scroll down and update all information about your pet including identifying images and contact info.

Do I need an app to test my Q-Tag?

The Q-Tag works with any QR code or barcode reader application that is available on your phones app store. The Apple App Store and Google Play both have many options.

We suggest the “QR Code Reader by Scan” for Apple devices or the “Scan - QR and Barcode Reader” for Android devices.

All QR code or barcode readers will work.

I have found a pet with a what?

Scan the pet tag with any smartphone to reveal all owner information. If you do not have a smartphone, you can go to the “Search Profiles” page located on the main menu. Enter the Q-Tag ID (numbers only) and you’ll be brought to the pet profile where you can find all owner information.

How does the pet ID system work?

With our Q-Tag, your dog or cat’s family will created a pet profile through which will contain all owner information including address, phone number, identifying images of your pet, breed info, age, behavior assessments and more.

This information is all stored on a Q-Tag that is attached to your pet’s collar.  This Q-Tag code can easily be scanned with any smartphone to instantly reveal the pet profile to any person that comes in contact with a lost pet.

I have a do I activate it?

If you have never signed up, go to to create an account and follow the signup steps. Check out the video above first.

If you already have an account, login and click the blue “Activate Q-Tag” button in your dashboard area. You’ll still need to complete your pet profile if you haven't already.

What if I have multiple pets?

If you have multiple pets, you can add an additional pet to your account by scrolling to the very bottom of your dashboard. Click the yellow “Add a Pet” button and follow instructions to setup.

Once, your additional pet is setup, you will need to add identifying images and finish the profile.

You can toggle between different pets by using the dropdown pet selector at the top of your dashboard.