We are non-profit.

We are Animal Rescuers.

We created the Q-Tag pet profile platform.

Why it's great

The QR code pet profile system helps identify a lost pet faster than anything else available. When an animal is found with a Q-Tag, it can easily be scanned by any smartphone and all owner information can be quickly accessed.

What it does

The Q-Tag links the animal back to a unique profile on AnimalRescue.com. The owner can always update the page and keep phone numbers, addresses and pet information up to date.

How it helps

When you setup a profile and order a Q-Tag for your pet, we use your donation to help fund animal rescue efforts. You protect your pet from being lost, we help other less fortunate animals. It works!

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We fund campaigns like these...

Auto heat stroke

Did you know that your dog can start experiencing life threatening heat stroke in as little as 10 minutes if left in a hot car?

Bedding donations

We want to make animals in a shelter environment as comfortable as possible but funds are spread too thin...How can you help?

Treat & toy drive

Shelters and rescues rely on donated toys and treats for homeless animals. Shelter funds go to medical care first so treats and toys are often not in the budget.

Shelter volunteer

Shelters rely heavily on volunteers and donations. Animals everywhere need help.

Horse slaughter

Over 100,000 horses - pet, race, carriage, show and wild horses are being slaughtered for meat everyday.

Manatee safety

Less than 5,000 manatees remain and their habitat is constantly being threatened by boats.

Board of Directors

Ryan Mayer

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Melbourne, Florida

Kristin Livan

Vice-President, Co-founder, Unwanted Pets NYC
Brooklyn, New York

Members of the Board
David Alpizar

Senior Partner, Alpizar Law LLC
Satellite Beach, Florida

JoAnne Ruggiero

Veterinarian, Bensonhurst Veterinary Care
Brooklyn, New York

Alaina DeBernardis

Animal Activist
Orlando, Florida

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May 7, 2014

May 7, 2014