IKAIKA INU (IKAI) is live on Ethereum!

Tokenized support for the Animal Rescue community.


The Inu MEME token with a Real Cause.

Animal Lovers

IKAIKA INU is a community of animal lovers who are dedicated to helping the wildlife ecosystem around the world with the power of Cryptocurrency.

No influencers and no paid promotions. Fair launch and dedication to funding campaign goals.

Supports Rescue

Whenever a buy or sell occurs, the contract executes a tax function where a percentage of the transaction is transferred to a wallet used exclusively for rescue efforts.

AnimalRescue.com will facilitate the release of funds to organizations or campaigns that are in-line with our efforts.

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The Tokenomics

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Below are the steps for MetaMask setup and swapping on Uniswap.

Connected to MetaMask? Click the button below to visit the Uniswap ETH/IKAI pair and swap.


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